Well Hello Interwebs

So…I’ve been contemplating a blog for awhile now. A new outlet for all the things I have to say. An outlet for all the wonderfully geeky women in my life that have needed a voice in the Geek World. A place to show all you average Joe’s out there that Geek’s can be classy, silly, smart, sexy, and most importantly genuine and pretty much all together awesome. That’s how I see these girls. And now we have a safe haven to share all our knowledge. I’m so excited. Purchasing my first domain name was almost like a coming of age ritual. It just further reiterates the level of my nerd tendancies. Please please feel free to leave comments or suggestions. Especially if there is something you want to hear about. I have such high hopes for this project and again I am excited to share it with the world. I’ve always known I’ve had a voice, but now I’m gonna see how loud that voice is. So thanks for sticking with me this far, and I’ll try to keep you stopping by more.


One response to “Well Hello Interwebs

  1. Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe.
    Truman Capote (I just saw this quote-speaks volumes to my heart)

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