Winning while Shopping

So yesterday I had to adventure out and face the crowds of retail establishments. I have a new sundress and was in the need of some cute shoes to match. So I get ahold of one of my most trustest friends and head out. We figure St. Louis Park is going to be the best bet, with it being so close to uptown and only 20 minutes from Eden Prairie stores, it was a guaranteed great starting place. We decided to get lunch at White Castle (hey dont judge me, there Chicken Ring Sandwiches are so delicious and fresh) And of course, if anyone has been to the knollwood mall area as we look across the street from the drive thru line we see it…..DSW….This could just break the bank. Rows upon rows of gorgeous shoes, all marked down from retail prices. Even found the perfect pair for my dream outfit. Perfect pair marked down from $110 to $70. “Hmmm” I think to myself. That is a pretty good deal and yet, perfect shoes for a perfect outfit seemed wrong somehow. Were these not the perfect shoes?

So after maybe a half an hour looking through countless pairs of heels and wedges, my good friend Kamie found an impossibly cute pair of wedges, exactly what she was looking for. And got a pretty great deal on them. But alas, I was still empty handed. Luckily, I remember that just down the street Burlington was most likely calling my name. They always have tons of great stuff for my daughter. I decked her out for Easter in 10 minutes flat. Complete head to toe outfit cost me $35 at Burlington, retail for all the pieces would have been close to $90-$100. I would be bound to find something right? Now let me just clarify quick. I’m 5’9″ therefor I need big shoes. I’m a size 10-11. Shoe shopping is never fun for me. So we get into Burlington and instantly see everything we could possibly want to spend money on. Cute purses, belts, tons of jewerly, hippie skirts, sundresses, the list is basically endless. Money crisis was adverted when my shopping partner reminded me that I set out on a mission, a mission to find the perfect shoes, for this perfect outfit.

We head over to the shoes, a complete cluster of random heels, sandals, tennis’, its like walking into a shoe store after black friday. And almost instantly I find plenty of awesome shoes that were just begging to come home with me. Silver heeled thong sandals with crystal embellishments, Lady Phat slip on white tennis’, Boots, all so unbelievably affordable it seemed like a crime to leave them behind. But, I managed to stay on task. And its a good thing I did. Long story short, I ended up finding 3 pairs of shoes at Burlington. Two of the same style in different color and 1 cute wedge, all of which would look fabulous with my new dress (also bought on sale) and I was still under my $70 limit I had established at DSW.

Staring at my new shoes, imagining the perfect outfit, I realized….I have a little extra to spend, lets accessorize this outfit and all this shopping madness can be over. (I really don’t enjoy shopping like the stereotypical girl does) So I head back over to where we started, the jewelry. And now, i’ve never been much for fashionable, and to be quite honest, I’m not so good at being a girlie girl, even though at heart I am one, so the fact that I was able to find a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, and a pair of earrings to match all in less than 10 minutes truly was a win. Now all was left was to see the total damage that was done.

Standing in the register line I always get a little sick feeling in my stomach. All this has to be well over $70, I knew I must have done my math wrong. This is just too great of a deal. Shoes get rung up, jewerly is all scanned, “$64.89 is your total” she says. $65 dollars?!?! Shut up! I quickly pay the lady, find Kamie, and rush out the door, ‘They had to rung up something wrong’ So I decided to play the numbers game to really see how much can be saved by going to Burlington. Retail total for all 7 items would have been $171.99 plus a little tax. So I ended up saving a retail amount of $107! Its so good to know that I can look good and classy without having to break the bank!


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