$10 Trimmer Magic

Okay, so I normally wouldn’t “waste” blog space over just a simple product. Especially a product that is so compact. But a trimmer for only $9.97 is worth gushing over, just a bit. So this miracle trimmer (ladies trimmer btw) is the Remington Smooth & Silky. I just moved, and in the move I ended up losing my trimmer. It was one of those ‘As Seen on TV’ ones that had a little light on it, the Luminess or something along those lines. It was great. I never really understood the light on it though. It’s not like I’m trying to trim my eyebrows in at a dark concert, or maybe its was intended for power outages. But when working with eyebrows, the trimmer itself ends up casting shadows and the light isn’t even useful then. So in buying a replacement I was really only looking for something cheap. The Remington trimmer has a double sided head, one side is wide than the other making the tiny one perfect for little touch up in hard to reach areas, like noses I’m assuming (Yes ladies and gentlemen, sometimes us women have a stray nose hair or two, get over it) Not only does it have the dual head on it but it also came with an attachment comb and……..a battery!! There’s nothing worse than rushing through a store, buying something battery operated (always assuming you have batteries at home) and then come home to release you need AAA and all you have are AA. So opening this $10 trimmer up and seeing that it was basically ready to go was a delightful treat. So overall, it works great and the price can’t be beat. I kinda feel like a domestic goddess stumbling across some ancient secret…..no really…..great finds are a definite ego boost. Further proving, I truly am, I Geek Girl.


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