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Rumors of Third Hobbit Movie Confirmed | GeekDad |

Rumors of Third Hobbit Movie Confirmed | GeekDad |

Awesome! I was actually kind of keeping my fingers crossed for this. Looks like The Hobbit is being turned into a trilogy! Peter Jackson confirmed the rumor today on his FB page. When in doubt, trust Peter Jackson. Now knowing that the awesomeness that is being put into The Hobbit has caused Peter Jackson to add another movie I am beyond Fan Girl excited! I have all the confidence to say that this ‘trilogy’ should not be missed. So the only question left is..

Is it December yet?


Here we go again…Another UFO at the Olympics

Well it seems that history is repeating itself. Anyone alive in 1984 might remember the closing ceremony in which a UFO flew over the audience, communicates with the audience, eventually lands, and a supposed alien greeted the public. It sure seems President Reagan had concerns about aliens and alien agenda.

And has anyone ever seen the Dan Akroyd Alien video? It was very well done. It definitely made me want to question if there really is anything out there with us. I had an old sunday school teacher who even admitted to being skeptical of the whole subject. Not skeptical in any kind of religious manner, her thoughts were always “It’s an awful lot of space for God to not fill up with other creatures or life of some sort right?”

But when it comes to the highly debatable subject of UFO’s and extra-terrestial there is so much that we, the general public, are clueless on. I’m not saying that some of the claims of UFO’s aren’t real. I actually believe that SOME are in fact real.

The acronym for UFO is Unidentified Flying Object. Wiki puts it “A UFO is an unusual apparent anomaly in the sky that is not readily identifiable to the observer as any known object.” Seems like a pretty vague description to me. Under this description it leads me to believe that the cave men were probably terrified of the first unusual apparent anomaly that flew over their head, now to be known as birds.

Now, I will try to keep this in my perspective as much as possible. I am a 28 year old white female living in the midwest of the United States of America. There are a lot of other countries governments I know nothing about. In fact, I know very little about most other countries. Sure I have studied my history, but currently I couldn’t tell you what kind of “flying military machines” any government may or may not have. Therefore, looking at the video footage of the 2012 Olympic games UFO’s, they are just that to me, unidentified flying objects.

I can say with utmost certainty that they don’t look like they are being suspended by string over the camera’s lens. But I’d love to hear each and everyone of yours opinions on these UFO’s and any other UFO sighting you may have run across over the years.

Thanks to the following sites for video, photo’s, and information:


Legen…Wait for it….dary!

How I Met Your Mother Soundtrack Coming in September – IGN.

Seriously, All I had to do was read the link title for this blog and I started to squeal like a little school girl. Not only is HIMYM easily in my top 5 favorite shows of all time but now we get a soundtrack?!?!

The HIMYM soundtrack is said to include 3 Robin Sparkles songs, Barney’s Awesome Resume song, and a full version of the Bangity-Bang song!

[Insert hyperventilating here]

Okay, I can compose myself enough to say that September 24th I’ll be downloading my copy on iTunes!

10 Acts of #TwitterKindness

10 Acts of Twitter Kindness.

I am also a huge fan of twitter and kindness and have also come to know a lot of really cool people through twitter. I haven’t run into too many people hating or anything like that (well not hating on me) Twitter for me is the unfiltered side of me that I can’t exactly post on Facebook. It’s the random things that are bouncing around in my head, it’s the place where I can shamelessly plug my blog, and it’s a place where I can support other writers, artists, and/or just awesome people in whatever walk of life they are in. So yay Twitter Love and yay to Twitter Kindness ^.^