Dragons of Atlantis

Okay, so it has been awhile since I’ve sat down to blog. Let me first say that it is mainly because of working on my novel. Which I will be blogging about soon as well. But I must confess that too much of my time has been being spent playing Dragons of Atlantis on Kabam. Not only is this game available through Facebook (of course what isn’t these days) but it’s also available through http://www.kabam.com. Making it way too easy to create multiple characters on multiple realms and therefore waaaaaaay too easy to get addicted. I find myself feeling like a teenage girl again. World chat can sometimes be a lot of fun. I have run across a good handful of players I see online from time to time that are a lot of fun to talk to. And then there are other times where teenagers are using chat as an excuse to express their sexual frustrations. In these cases there is a most excellent feature called mute. Although I am still a total newb at this game I am finding more and more intrigue and learning about a new game and have decided to blog about both my successes and also my epic failures while learning. The game is still in beta so if you join let me know what realm you are in in the comment section below.

P.s. If you’ve ever watched The Guild, or played “The Game”, you’ll probably get a kick out of Dragons of Atlantis.


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