WeTopia on Facebook

WeTopia on Facebook.

Ok, give me a chance. I have a total love/hate relationship with most, ok all, Facebook games…with one exception. This one. WeTopia (as seen on The Ellen Show) does real world good for just a few clicks a day. You are never pressured to spend money (unlike most of the games) but…the only downside is… just like every other Facebook game out there, don’t expect to level up very quickly without other friends playing the game or by spending money. But hey, I’ll blow $70 on a game for my 360, play it to 100% completion and all the good that comes from it is my gamerscore on xbox live is now up to 14k (winning).

So, if ur on facebook, and wasting time on farmville, or bubbleblast, or whatever nonsense (Marvel Avengers Alliance excluded) then quick WeTopia a try ^.^


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