Mary Murphy Leaving SYTYCD?!

So You Think You Can Dance Is Mary Murphy Leaving| E! Online.

You know, I’ve been missing Mia Michaels like crazy! I love her! So for this article to even hint at the possibility of Mary Murphy leaving is just plain RUDE! Although I wasn’t always such a big fan of the “Hot Tamale Train” screaming ballroom expert, I have grown to love and respect the loud mouth screams from Mary. She screams when I cannot. Well…I suppose I could….my neighbors already think I’m weird.

Ha anyway, take a minute and read the article for yourself … or … *Spoiler Alert* This rumor all started because the adorable Cat Deeley got her M’s mixed up. Mia, Mary, Michaels, Murphy, it’s a tough one.  But as long as Mary keeps screamin, Nigel stays  a dirty old man, and Cat Deeley stays simply brit fabulous we should be fine.

Thanks for reading guys *muah*


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