Hula Hoop on the Prairie

As some of you may already know but I have recently rediscovered my love of hula hooping. Now…when I was younger, and lets face it, more limber, I won a good handful of hula hooping competitions. So when I saw a few hoops on sale I went ahead and bought a couple for my daughter. Turns out…the smaller the hoop, the more difficult the hula. So when my dear friend CC brought out a hula hoop almost as tall as I am (We’re both tall chicks) I was a little skeptical. I had tried with my daughter to use the smaller hoops and failed, hilariously. Again, my neighbors already think I’m weird so whatever. This is what was explained to me…

Pretty much anyone can hula hoop, but…in this case, size DOES matter. If you are a beginner, then you want the top of your hoop to sit NO lower than your bellybutton. And the bigger you go from there, the slower the hoop will move, making it easy to isolate movement.

So I gave the giant hoop a try…it was AWESOME! And so unbelievably freeing. With just a gentle sway of my hips I was causing this colorful ring to dance around me. Instantly, I was hooked. So of course, I did what any of us average American’s do and hopped online to do more research. I could feel the addiction setting in. Hula hooping was going to be my thing. So here is what I’ve found.

In October of 2009, Aaron Hibbs (USA) broke the World Record for Hula Hooping for almost 75 hours. The rules for the record are as follow:

  • The record is for continuous revolution of a hula hoop.
  • A standard size and weight hula hoop must be used.
  • The hoop must be revolved between the shoulders and hips.
  • If the hoop passes above the shoulders the attempt is ended.
  • If the hoop passes below the hips the competitor has 30 seconds in which to try to recover it without using his/her hands or arms. If the hoop is not revolving above the hips within 30 seconds the attempt is ended.
  • If the hoop passes below the knees and/or touches the ground, the attempt is ended.
  • Once the hoop has begun to spin the hands of the competitor must not touch the hoop. If the challenger touches the hoop with his/her hands, the attempt is ended.
  • Rest breaks of 5 minutes per hour are allowed. (Note: This rule has been changed; in previous years, this was a non-stop category)
  • No person under the age of 14 may compete.
  • Persons aged between 14 and 18 must, before competition, be in possession of a document signed by their parent or legal guardian, giving them permission to compete. This document must be added to the log book and witnessed before the attempt has started.
  • A fully-qualified practising member of the medical profession must be present at all times watching the attempt.
  • The entire attempt must be filmed on audio video.

With weighted hoops, hula hooping is actually a really great exercise. I ended up hula hooping for two hours one day and didn’t realize how much I had worked my abs, butt, and thighs…..til I woke up the next morning sore as heck! I’m not much of a work out kind of girl. God blessed me with a high metabolism and a decent frame. But when it comes to the endorphines being released from exercise, I benefit greatly from just hanging at the beach, getting sun and hula hooping. I am technically clinically depressed but treat it the all natural way. With a healthy diet, exercise, and herbal supplements. So when I found a fun way to get that exercise time in I was in love.

I also found out that supposedly (remember I got most of this from the interwebs) the Greeks used hooping as a form of exercise. had a fun article on the History of Hula Hooping,

Other fun link if you are interested:

Also, youtube (of course) has TONS of awesome instructional videos on how to hula hoop, how to do tricks, and how to get AWESOME at hooping like this chick …

All in all this leads to a question I saw posted in the comment section of the Lisa Lottie video I posted. This question is so simple.

Why on earth did we ever stop hooping?


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