A piece from Myspace in 2006

The truth shall set you free


Current mood:content

I realized that (in metaphorical terms of course) I left home to travel a very long distance to find myself….but I left my map at home…..And instantly my trip was looking very cloudy and foggy…and the storms that laid ahead of me were going to change me forever. All dramatics put aside…I’ve been thinking a lot more clearly lately.

There are so many people who like to look down on others for doing something they “see” as “wrong” but then at the same time they are doing the exact same thing but are just too plain stupid to realize how hypocritical they are really being. It baffles me that one piece of information you tell some people will eventually become, though the telephone effect exploding, the fact that the sky is falling. Everyone has a spiteful side to them, but some people are just too proud to admit that coming on myspace and writing blogs about people (and we know who is being talked about) is spiteful. I’ve done it…and I know it’s not right. There is a difference between being cruel and being firm. Sometimes you have to stop making excuses. Sometimes you have to own up to the fact that you really ****ed up.

As few of you know…I’m trying this new thing called real life. I know that I have hurt a lot of people this year. I’ve made a lot of promises that I broke. I made excuses for my actions and the action of others. I fell into a place where I was trapped and scared. And lashed out on the only people trying to save me. For that I am sorry. Here is a few more things that I have realized since my “enlighted” moment at the Peace Garden.

1) Live each day as if it were your last

2) Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get back on the horse

3) Admit those times when you screwed up

4) Actions speak louder than words

5) The truth shall set you free



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