I’m in the pursuit of happiness

It just happens to be the day that I was supposed to have my mind made up about a very important life changing decision.

“I’ll be fine once I get it, I’ll be good” – Pursuit of Happiness (Lissie Covering Kid Cudi)

I tried making a pro/con list for this decision. Ended up weighing about even on both. How do you know if your decisions are ever really going to be right? That’s my biggest question. Most my decisions have been the wrong ones, no matter how right they seemed at the time. I have had to live with much regret, many mistakes, trauma, trials and tribulations. Always trying to learn from my mistakes. Unfortunately for me, this does not help me make up my mind on what needs to be addressed. If life gave you a do-over what would you do with it? That’s the question I am asking myself right now. Life gave me a do-over of sorts. And now I am faced with what to do it. Decisions….decisions….decisions…..

Ugh…wth am I going to do?


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