Farewell Eureka

Okay, so I’m a few days behind but I just finished watching the series finale of Eureka. And am a little embarrassed to report I cried through half the episode. Dr. Fargo said something so true during this episode. And of course, I don’t have the exact quote but it was something along the lines of…

‘They can’t shut us down now, not when things are going so good, and so much better. Sure we make mistakes but our dreams are endless’

I said almost the same words when I first found out the show was being cancelled. The stories were developing into great love for each and every one of the characters. And when they added both Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day I was beyond fan girl excited!! I thought for sure that meant great and wonderful things for the show.

Great and wonderful things did happen but all with an undertone of bittersweetness. The fans, the actors, the characters, were losing their town. Such a wonderfully smart show was being cancelled. And to only give the fans one hour to say goodbye….brutal.

But that being said, I do feel a sense of closure with how it left off. And I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a spin off. What I will say… ***SPOILER ALERT***
I am so unbelievably happy that the characters at least got to keep their home of Eureka. Sounds corny but the writers for the show should be given a lot of credit for making all the characters, (and even an house!!!) the kind that you can easily fall in love with. The character building was amazing and at the end of the day, knowing that in the fantasy world, Sheriff Carter is still the glue that holds that town together as Henry, the new head of GD has Grace back. Lupo and Zane are getting married. Dr. Blake is pregnant. So many great things.

So all and all, to everyone involved with the production, creative direction, funding, the actors, all the fans, and anyone I may have missed…Thank you so much for 5 seasons and 77 episodes of amazing entertainment. You will all be missed in regards to this project and can’t wait to see everyone move on to other great projects.


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