Faith is totally going to hate me for this

But it doesn’t matter. Today was a big milestone for her. Today I bought my daughter her first training bra. And so today is not only a milestone for her but also for me…

Today I came to the realization that I’m THAT mom. I had to do everything in my power (aka buy lots of fun bright neon socks and anything else to distract me) not to tear up. I mean… She’s only going to be 9…..

HOLY CROW….She’s ALREADY almost 9 years old. September is just around the corner. My birthday is on Tuesday, 28 doesn’t seem like a milestone at all…yay…one year closer to 30. But for my baby girl to be turning 9….


One more year until double digits. She’s already prancing around in her “sports bra” and yoga pants like she sees mama doing. When I got my first bra (granted I was 13 and terrified to even admit to my single father I needed a bra) I was embarrassed as hell! I mean…my dad raised me, I pretty much only had guy friends, as girly as I tend to be…there is a definite tomboy inside me as well. Add that with the bra burning hippie blood that flows through my veins thanks to my ma and you get the awkward late bloomer who would rather burn her bras then wear them.


Life was so much easier when all she wanted was to play Lego Harry Potter, eat popcorn, snuggle while watching movies….now we’re bra shopping…next thing I know we’ll be prom dress shopping…then in another blink of an eye wedding dress shopping……

[insert manic hyperventilating here]

Regardless of the stress and anxieties that come from thinking about me as young “lady” and now raising a young lady myself I know that I’m doing a great job as a mom. My daughter is truly amazing. Well mannered, mostly even tempered (we both have to randomly bust out in song and dance sometimes) respectful, kind, sweet, a natural leader, graceful, loving….I really could go on forever. I just couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful young lady Faith is becoming.


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