Writers Block Part 2 – Time to learn Irish

UGH!! So…I am completely overwhelmed with the response my blog has been getting, I’ve had steady consistent traffic everyday, people like what I’m writing, and even people telling me that a couple of my blogs made them tear up a little bit, in a good way. So now, the pressure to keep writing is on. Trying to find a balance between novel, blog, and personal life is actually a lot more difficult than I thought. My novel is something that will always be there. No one is reading it right now except for me during the editing process. So I guess it’s not truly a top priority. Just experiencing life and even writing a 5 minute rant/blog is so unbelievably rewarding to me right now.

In light of wanting more adventure and writing material I’ve decided to take a look at my roots, no not my hair color growing out, but my ancestors. I’m Irish, Scottish, and English. Mostly Irish though, from what I’ve been discovering. Although there is a lost branch on my family tree (I recently found out one of my Great Grandmothers was adopted) But never-the-less, the Celts have always spoken to my heart and soul. When I hear celtic music I tear up almost everytime. It’s like I can feel something or someone (ancestors maybe) pulling every last fabric of my being to the lush rolling green hills. I google pictures of Ireland and as a flip through all their beauty I literally feel a longing in my heart. I’ve just always chalked it up to me being a total and complete sappy nerd.

Well, A trip to Ireland right now is not in the cards, mortgage to pay, kid starting school in about a month, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go at some point. I have to. No really, I HAVE to. But for now I’m settling on learning Gaelic, or the Irish Language if you’d rather. I was listening to a song by Celtic Women the other day and to tell the truth, I’ve listened to it close to a 100 times already. It’s partially in English and partially in Irish. My point is, listening to it so many times I was starting to remember the words and was able to sing along quite nicely to even the Irish parts. My Irish blood really came into play as soon as I heard myself speaking Irish and darn near mastering the accent. It was this that made me realize that I wanted to learn the language of my ancestors. And so I will ^.^

Wish me luck guys *muah*


2 responses to “Writers Block Part 2 – Time to learn Irish

  1. Great point about not waiting for a trip to Ireland, to start learning the language. Hope you share more on your blog about what you’re learning along the way in Irish (Gaelic).

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