Guild Moments while playing DoA

Tonight has been a very interesting night on I’m playing Dragons of Atlantis right now and my internal monologue’s voice is Felicia Day from the Guild. The first time I signed onto the guild I only intended on checking to see if my 2k lbm’s were done training. I had about 2 minutes left over so I sent out a couple attacks on anth camps and glanced at world chat. And what did I see?? Multiple people talking about suicide attempts….holy morbid subject Kura Realm. Part of me was relieved that these people were finding an outlet of sorts but the selfish side of me was like “that’s what private messages are for”. Okay but on a serious note, I did post things like “It gets better” “There’s always a better choice” and other various reassuring things. I’ve been a dark place before, I would never judge someone else’s.

Back to the game, So I sign on a few hours later and it’s like a full on role playing session. So many different players have animals in their names/characters. (I.E. JRabbit…me ^.^ ) I stumble across a grizzly going around poking a panther with a stick, a tiger girl who cant help but pounce me every time I sign in, a viper who has been an extremely helpful OL, and other various animals/characters. It’s like a total flirt session going on.  And of course, since it was still early on in the night I’m sure half of these people were kids. But hey, I can’t judge…I was once that kid. I end up muting the kids that are just flat out awkward and inappropriate.

I sign in for the last time of the evening about an hour ago. (I tried playing Modern Warfare 3 but quickly got mad after a 4:3 game and decided to spend my energy elsewhere) The mixture of people I’ve been interacting with tonight has been hilarious! A panda (I’m not using anyones actual sn except my own) was explaining that she’s half Japanese and realized that Kabam won’t let her type Japanese. It just kept coming up as anese. Which of course the Panda pointed out that it looks like she’s typing that she’s half anus’. This led to the entire realm posting as many different races as we could, all coming to the conclusion that Panda was alone. Others were posting coordinates in attempt to get people to attack them, talking big about how big their alliance is, etc.

Overall I’m reminded of how much I love the eccentric personality types that come out seemingly only online. I’m sure that in the real realm anyone who acted as their internet alter ego’s (or avatars ^.^) would just simply look ridiculous. And yet, I dress up multiple times a year and play some part. From the renaissance festival to the zombie pub crawl I’m almost always down for some RPG’s.  Well I have successfully killed off enough time that I should know if a level 5 city took out my 3500 lbm’s.

[pause to giggle at bm]

Thanks for making it through my rant. Feel free to leave me a comment explaining levels of nerdiness and where I sit on that scale ^.^


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