About Me

Hmm…. what to say about me…. I guess all I can say is I’m just a Girl Next Door, Geek, Gamer Chick, Cupcake Enthusiast,  Nerd, Lover of the paranormal, pt zombie, fiction writer and I’m all around awesome but living life stuck in the Prairie.

I’m mostly writing about life in the midwest. I grew up in Texas and now I’m making a life for myself in the North. Fun stuff…well I do everything I can to make it fun ^.^ I’m not your average girl/chick/woman nor do I want to be. I’m eccentric, crazy, beautiful, fun, and adventurous. Life is my adventure.

Sometimes I feel like my voice is just too big for my body, this is why I write.


One response to “About Me

  1. Hello.. Are you a goofball? :O 😛 .. You know.. I dont live that far away from you… and I have always wanted to go on ghost adventures but never by myself… Theres a few places i really want to check out. As for video games, I dont play as much as i used to. To much to explain. There is one game I have played for many years. Started playing when i was real young. Its one of the very first popular 3d online shooters ever made. If you played that game, you most likely heard of me not that it matters. Internet fame is the work of the devil haha. Well ne wayz… i was surfing looking at haunted places to check out blah blah blah… then it led me here. You seem like a fun person to be around and seeing your interests got me thinking… Most people I meet are not into the things we both like and dont have interests similar to mine… This is awkward for me and i know its not very intelligent thing for me to do.. but its boring out here where i live… not very many people. as much as it looks i have never written a message like this. How is it? I hope i dont sound like a creepy person who lives in a underground tunnel telling people to do what they are told and put lotion on their skin. ( Buffalo Bill ) haha

    You can delete this message… if your interested in chatting, email me a reply, then I can introduce myself a little more. Btw… I am a big fan of ww2 games like call of duty 2, and I know a programmer, we mess around, I have always been more of a pc gamer, build my own pcs, and play xbox every once in a while, I used to game with people around the world for years, hang out on ventrilo teamspeak… Those were my fun days. I am into map making blah blah… I dont know why i am telling you all of this ohh. okkk thats to much to explain haha.. Its ok if you dont want to reply… No hard feelings. Reply if you want to crackax1@yahoo.com . I’m in my early twenties. If you are a teenager… then never mind haha… I dont know if you could keep up with me in anything. 😛 We can begin by chatting. I effing like your blue eyes and your blog is cute.

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