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If you are planning on dressing up this year as A) A Video Game Character B) A Character from an awesome novella C) A Zombie these might be the posts for you

▶ Life size flying Doctor Who Tardis! – YouTube

As I commented on the blog, “There are not words for how hard I am fangirling right now.”

When really what I should have said was, “Dear Santa…I need this.” I would sell a kidney for my own Flying Tardis…Just sayin


For the Whovian and Magical Child in us all — Blink and Seek


Doctor Who Hide and Seek

Patrick Ballesteros Art — Blink and Seek.

Not only am I totally in love with Doctor Who but yes I am still somewhat a child on the inside. I still wake up on the weekends and immediately find cartoons to put on while eating my cheerios and drinking chocolate milk. So when I saw this masterpiece I instantly began to ponder where I could hang it in my house. And for only $20, it’s totally worth it.

5 Days Until the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who #SaveTheDay


If you are getting as excited as I am and need to fill every waking moment of your life with Doctor Who related media here are just a few links for you. Has sneak previews everyday leading up the 50th Anniversary special. Anything and everything Doctor Who related in one easy scrollable place. For those of you on Facebook be sure to like the Doctor Who Fanpage for basically everything you’ve wanted to know about Doctor Who plus some. Show your support on Twitter too and don’t forget to use the hashtag #SaveTheDay for any 50th Anniversary related tweets. After all the Doctor loves a Hashtag If meme’s aren’t enough head over to youtube and subscribe to the Doctor Who Channel packed full of videos to help satisfy your Doctor Who cravings.

And if you are feeling chatty and want to be featured in my review blog, leave a comment below telling me what you will be doing for the 50th Anniversary Special..watching it at home, throwing a brilliant cosplay viewing party, or are you going to wait to see it theaters?


Doctor Who Easter Egg in Google Earth

2013-11-17_19-42-17_1Ok so the one thing I cannot get enough of is Doctor Who, so when I heard about the Easter Egg planted inside of Google Earth the fangirl in me went crazy.

So for those of you who aren’t exactly hip with nerdy media lingo you might already be lost….well thanks to Wikipedia here is what I mean by “Easter Egg”

“An Easter egg is an intentional inside jokehidden message, or feature in a work such as a computer programmoviebook, or crossword. ” (

Now if you don’t know what Doctor Who is, or have never heard of the term “TARDIS”, stop reading now and start binge watching the show. I started with the 9th doctor, which is a good place to start if you want to get hooked right away. And if not, then this article is probably not for you but don’t worry I won’t judge you…much…

Anyway, the Easter Egg hidden in Google Earth is simply the TARDIS, hiding within the streets of England. If you are now jumping up and down excited, dying to get your own look inside the TARDIS here’s how to do it.

If you haven’t already downloaded Google Earth do that here,

Once installed just type in Police Box England in the search box like I have below.

Click Search and you’ll get a long list of places, but luckily the one you want is choice B, off of Earl’s Court Road in London. 2013-11-15_15-51-51_5Go ahead and click that option and the map should center in on that specific location. Using the zoom option on the right (shown below), you can zoom all the way down to the street view. 2013-11-17_20-56-48_1Keep zooming and you will actually find yourself inside the TARDIS and able to take a brief look around. 2013-11-15_15-51-51_3Bloody brilliant eh? Whatever nerd decided to place this Easter Egg, I owe you a cookie. You are now my new best friend. And for a little extra Easter Egg fun, check out a few of these reviews Buzz Feed posted on their site. (, all reviews so far have been very complimentary.All in all, I’m left feeling more and more excited for the 50th Anniversary special, and also feeling like I might legitimately have a Doctor Who problem. (The problem of course being I simply cannot get enough)