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NASA’s Next Mars Mission Launches Today – Watch it Here Live!

I know I’m a nerd when….

NASA’s Next Mars Mission Launches Today – Watch it Here Live!.

If you have nothing better to do today..or you do and would still rather spend some time watching Nasa Mars Mission launch, click the link below.

The launch window will be open for two hours, extending to 3:28 p.m.”


The Top Minds in Ancient Alien Research Are Coming to the Twin Cities | Steve-O – Dave Ryan Show

The Top Minds in Ancient Alien Research Are Coming to the Twin Cities | Steve-O – Dave Ryan Show.

I gotta hand it to the Dave Ryan in the morning show on KDWB. They have kept me listening for over 10 years now. It’s random finds like this one that keep me not only amused but eager for more.

So if you aren’t busy October 18-21st and might believe that we are not alone in the universe than head over to and get your tickets for the event. I might even see you there!

Haunted Minnesota – I need your help!

I represent a small group of researchers in the field of paranormal studies. As part of our ongoing education and research, we must coordinate our research efforts on historical sites, including cemeteries, churches, and parklands.

This metal cross stands about 10 feet tall and has no record of where it came from, who put it up, or even when it was added to the cemetery. It remains a mystery to the people of Crystal Lake, IL

It kind of bums me out that it seems there just isn’t enough paranormal activity here in the Twin Cities. There’s been plenty of logged “sightings” just outside the twin cities but not many actually near my home town. Not to mention it seems almost impossible for just a pair of paranormal enthusiasts to find permission to conduct an “investigation” of sorts. Many people resort to trespassing, and of course there is that handful of bad seeds that have ruined it for the rest of us. Skeptics seem to still have some sort of intrigue or questions in their mind and will usually be open to an investigation but are now weary due to the mass population of extremist.

Mt. Thabor Cemetery is no stranger to vandalism. Lucky I had an opportunity to investigate this amazing location.

So I guess the purpose of this blog is to ask those who live in the twin cities if they know of any possible paranormal sightings, haunted locations, and any personal experiences you may have come across. We are very interested in getting the opportunity to conduct a field investigation.

We understand, and fully respect that we will be on private property at all times, and all due consideration will be given.

We agree that there will be no horseplay, alcohol consumption or any other disrespectful conduct on the property.

We agree that we undertake this research at our own risk, and understand that your organization is not responsible for any injury or damage to instruments, while on your property.

We agree to conduct the entire study out of view of passersby, and the general public, so as not to arouse undue interest.

Please give us your consideration in this matter. We will disclose our names and contact information if permission is granted. We will provide further ID if required.

Everything you need to know about Amelia Earhart right now!


Wide Angle: Amelia Earhart : Discovery News.

What an amazing possible discovery! To hopefully be so close to solving the mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart when she went missing is just amazing to me. I love history, and I love learning, so to be alive during this discovery and to have all this media and information right at my fingertips truly is a blessing. I will be sharing this story with my daughter in hopes that she sees Amelia Earhart the way I do, as an amazingly strong, independent woman who followed her dreams to the end. Even if her story maybe ended with her stranded as a castaway….sad….um…

Quick….here’s some comedic relief

Wilson Wiki

Wilson loves you Amelia!

(Too soon?)