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▶ Life size flying Doctor Who Tardis! – YouTube

As I commented on the blog, “There are not words for how hard I am fangirling right now.”

When really what I should have said was, “Dear Santa…I need this.” I would sell a kidney for my own Flying Tardis…Just sayin


For the Whovian and Magical Child in us all — Blink and Seek


Doctor Who Hide and Seek

Patrick Ballesteros Art — Blink and Seek.

Not only am I totally in love with Doctor Who but yes I am still somewhat a child on the inside. I still wake up on the weekends and immediately find cartoons to put on while eating my cheerios and drinking chocolate milk. So when I saw this masterpiece I instantly began to ponder where I could hang it in my house. And for only $20, it’s totally worth it.