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▶ Life size flying Doctor Who Tardis! – YouTube

As I commented on the blog, “There are not words for how hard I am fangirling right now.”

When really what I should have said was, “Dear Santa…I need this.” I would sell a kidney for my own Flying Tardis…Just sayin


The Reverse Titanic @RayWJ

Disclaimer: Rated R(edneck) for the eloquent usage of the F word

This truly is “How Not to Pull Your Truck Out of the Ice”


Ok ok….I seriously just had a minor freak out! I’ve been going through ultimate guild withdrawal. Not only am I hearing the voices of The Guild characters while talking to my alliance in Dragons of Atlantis but have also resorted to re-watching the past 5 seasons (too many times to honestly count) So here it is my friends…


I ❤ Felicia Day

Love Star Wars? Hate boring crayons? Here’s a video for you! – by Amanda Camarillo

It’s moments like these I love being a Geek Girl. Gotta love the child safety warning as well! Woman after my own geeky heart.

So I leave ya’ll with this fun project to do, sounds like I’m headed to Chicago for a few days. Promise to write about some of my adventures when I get back *muah*